Thursday, 2 August 2007

It's my birthday ( and I'll cry if I want to)

It's my birthday today and as there's still a few minutes left of it (while I'm typing this entry) I thought it best for me to do this now :D
I love birthdays and this has been no different, with each of them being individual in their own way iykwim (if you know what I mean)? Well, I do anyway lol :D
'I'll cry if I want to' referring to the Royal Snail industrial action...and on my birthday too - do they have no shame? :o
So, no cards and no packages (not that I'm greedy it's just that I've been told to be expecting at least one from good friends). Ahh well, I guess that'll be more sweet little stash packages in the coming days :)
I didn't do too much today as numb-skull I was waiting in 'til just before noon for the postie to arrive before I actually decided to check RM website and found out about the strike.
Just went to my parents with Jack (who got wet and muddy before we'd even left the eh lol!
Had some lunch at my parents and went to Asda with my eldest son, Chris.
My sister Sarah gave me a £10 George gift card so i went to buy something.
I'll take some pics soon and show you what I bought and also what presents I got. I was thinking of doing two 'birthday blog entries' seeing as Royal Snail managed to interfere!

Here's a pic of me in a top bought for me by my wonderful hubby, Phil. Photo taken by my uncle Barry (who incidentally used to be my hubby's boss when they both worked together many years's definately a small world!)

I love this cute top, it's so flowery and pink and pretty :D thanks Phil my love :D

Thankyou to everyone who's PM'd or left me messages on the UKS forum, those who've emailed me, those who've IM'd me (MSN), text me and phoned me today with 'Happy birthday' wishes.

Extra-special thanks to my dear friends Jane and Ali, Tree, Heather, My kids, my parents and my dear husband Phillip, and last but by no means least a special THANK YOU to the ladies of the 'stopping smoking' thread on UKS. This has been my first ever smoke free birthday :D Thanks for your continued support xx

Will do a birthday blog post#2 tomorrow :D Bye bye for now and stay safe xx

Much love,