Saturday, 14 July 2007

The weathermen are sometimes wrong...

...and today has to be one of those days when they are very wrong.

'Today's predominant weather is..thunderstorms' said the weather report - from the Met office no less!
It's been glorious sunshine almost all of today, and so warm too. Just a little sign of summer that should have been.

I took the little monkey into town today and we thought we'd get a little head start for the next school term and buy his trainers for p.e, a new pair of school trousers and also a mac. (he's at foundation one level in pre-school attached to the primary school) I'm pleased to say he was a rather well-behaved little monkey today and didn't cost me too much. Of course I forgot his sunglasses so had to cough up but with my extensive knowledge of bargain hunting I knew that Woolworths would have a pair for around a pound, and they didn't let me down this time :D

I've started being a Santa's little helper and have just about finished getting all of Jack's thing in ready. It's his birthday in November - just six weeks before Christmas day - so I like to buy presents for him about this time of the year and then I can choose which to give him for which occasion - iykwim.

I've almost finished all of the teachers end-of-year presents and I have a few more pics of the latest addition.

and a close up

That's all from me now but if there's anything I've forgotten I'll come back and edit to add later.
Bye for now and take care everyone *hugs*

Anna x

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Teachers presents and other stuff

Well hello again friends :)
I have been a busy bunny lately and have had a few VERY late nights but it's all well worth it :)

First, last night I did a layout of one of my boys, titled 'Simply you' and you can now see it below
and here it is again slightly edited...
And that's that LOL!
I went to my crop last night (Wednesday night) and didn't do much apart from chat, oh and a little crochet too. It's coming along nicely but I'm not sharing pics again until it's a bit bigger :D
As with many parents/carers with children, this time of the year can be expensive buying present for teachers but why should it cost a lot?

For my son, who's at nursery, I have made him a few presents to give to his teacher and three teaching assistants. I have used 'naked' bingo boards that cost me £1, and also a plain silver pail which I bought from Asda for 80p. The ribbons and blossoms I bought from a UKS sponsor, Ben Madigan Crafts. Natalie at BMC is so friendly and very helpful and always on hand to help. I chose the ribbons I was looking for and she matched my blossoms. When they arrived I was over the moon with both choice and service. Way to go Nat, you rock!

So, less of the waffle and more pics ...

Close-ups of pink clipboard below:
Now the bright coloured one:
and finally my altered pail:
and a few close-ups: ,
and last but not least this one...

That's all for me for today. I do hope you're well :D
Watch this space for more exciting news and insight to my daily life LOL!
Bye for now and take care *hugs*
Anna xxxxx