Wednesday, 15 August 2007

I've been tagged - twice!

OK, so I didn't go to UKScrappers and check my mail then. I have been tagged and twice.
Thanks to Jayne and also to Kirsty and sorry I made things a bit confusing lol

I guess that happened because the first time I got tagged I wasn't around to read my mail and didn't manage to get to add the logo. So here goes...

I think I now have to tag 5 other people? Hmmm, I've never done this so I'll just go and give it a try. If I go wrong I'm hoping that someone can tell me and correct me :D

First person I tag is Ali then Jane, Katy, Toni and Louise

Wasn't it a lovely weekend?

Ahh now the rain has finally arrived down here and along with it has come the high winds too. Typical really, we have a lovely week and then this happened but they you can't please all of the people all of the time.
Come to think of it there's always people moaning about something isn't there. The weather's too hot, the weather's too cold, wet etc etc you name it they moan about it. But, isn't it good to have a good moan now and again? I for one think so. Get it off your chest it my motto for today :D I had a moan today myself. Little man and I caught a bus to my parents house and we have to get two buses. At the end of the first bus journey we got off the bus ok and as we saw the second bus had arrived we waited for it to come into the bus stop but it didn't. Instead the bus driver decided he'd sit out in the main road and expect us to alight from there. I told him how I wasn't very impressed being made to walk into a main road and get on a bus with a small child. he just looked at me in a very 'it isn't MY fault' look and I paid and found a seat - still fuming. As the bus driver approcahed a bus up in front he opened his doors and called to the other driver 'hey, next time turn off your indicators if you don't intend to pull out' so, it really wasn't 'my' drivers fault and all I can guess is that he didn't expect us to come out into the road anyway. I sat a little lower down in my seat that I'd usally do so, and when I got off I was met with ignorance as little man and I thanked said driver. Oh well...

We went to the beach again Sunday just gone. The weather wasn't as great as last weekend but at lunch time the air temperature was 18 degrees C and the sea temperature was 17 degrees C so as you can imagine it was lush.
I took many photos as usual and I'd like to share a couple here with you all.

First one of me, of course lol. Just relaxing and enjoying the weather :)

Chris with Jack


Jack looking for something lol

Philip and Jack

Phil snoozing,
and last but not least my lovely castle that I erm...built for the children (yes for the children, I know what you're all thinking...)

Well, that's me for today. I hope to return tomorrow to blog once more, although it'll only be about the weather probably...

Take care,
A xxxxx