Saturday, 28 July 2007

Learning new things on Random Day

(Please click on my photos to make them grow lol)

Why is it sooo hard to learn how to use PSP?
I have Paint Shop Pro 9 but have zilcho knowledge of how to use it. Oh how I knew what to do! Just take a look at my 'very' pants header...I could only manage this in PAINT! Yes, you heard me correctly I did say paint *blush*
Ahh well it's the trying that's the main part - isn't it?
I'm sure I have a techno-geek friend tucked away somewhere :D
Actually, I was awake 'til 3am this morning reading posts from an online forum that I've joined. The forum teaches people PSP 'stuff' so that's got to be a good one for me :D
I'd like to share with you the Day that Jack and I shared yesterday. It was fun-filled, a little wet, but most of all FUN! :D
First off we began the day making biscuits. I'm in a CJ (one of three) on UKS and the theme this time is 'tried and tested recipes' so I thought better get my skates on and try something out :)

Rolling, Cutting,

Post oven Melting the chocolate

The finale.

They turned out a treat, and we loved them. Jack said he wanted to call them rainbow biscuits so that's what they are now called :D Bless
Next was to be an adventure. Once the excitement of baking the biscuits was over we had lunch then decided to go out. It was drizzling hard but we weren't going to let that beat us.
We donned our coats and 'old' footwear and head off for the park. Devonport park is a wonderful place. With scenery and nature and lots for everyone to do we're so lucky to have it on our door-step.
First was a bark rubbing. he loved doing this. I have, of course, kept the rubbing and will use it somewhere on a future layout.
I told Jack that we would make a special kind of book of all the fun things we've done during the summer hols. If you have children and are stuck for things to do when the weather takes it's toll then why not do one for yourselves?
Hey, why not make one even if you're got no kids at all? LOL!
After the rubbing I took a few random shots of Jack doing 'nothing at all' and just studied him for a while. He's such a gorgeous young chap with a wonderful nature. I love him dearly.
Here's a few random shots of Jack...
I love these :D

I am sooo gonna use this pic in a layout and title it 'Homeward Bound' LOL!

Finally, I took a few shots of plants and flowers but my fave two are these:

I know this first one needs rotating but I took the shot like this and I really like it the way it is :D

And this one, a climber according to my good friend J :)

OK, that was yesterday.
Today was pretty much uneventful. Jack and I went to my parents house and he played for a few hours then Daddy came to pick us up after work and we came home.
I'm off to try and learn a bit more (my oh my I need to, and quick lol) in PSP. Wish me luck please. Oh, and if on your tavels you manage to find 'an idiots guide to PSP' please let me know. Many thanks.
Sleep well, love and hugs,
Anna xxx

P.S I've been a non-smoker for 28 days now and I'm still going strong :D

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Sketch challenge layout

I was browsing UKScrappers a little while ago and found a sketch challenge linked this fantastic blog belonging to Anna Louise Bowkis.

If you fancy a challenge why not go and have a look on Anna's blog :)

I assure you that the fact we both have the same christian name is purely coincidental :D

Anyway, here is my interpretation on the challenge. I can honestly say that this has been such a fun time for me - scrapping photos of my boys and I. Thanks Anna x

~ PROUD MOMENT ~ (Please click on image to enlarge)

Thank you for looking. I hope that if you like it you'd be so kind to spare a few seconds and leave me a comment. Thanks x

So, that's all from me tonight. It's been non-stop scrapping for a few days so I'm off to browse the web and chat to my dear friends.

Take Care x

Anna x