Thursday, 8 February 2007

Emily Falconbridge 52 week challenge

I was soooo inspired that I decided to join and did all 5 to catch up, at once :D

Here's mine ;)
Week 1 ~

Week 2 ~

Week 3 ~

Week ~ 4

Week 5 ~

I REALLY loved making these, am thinking up ideas of how to store them although I really love Em's material pouch! :D

I was thinking of altering a tin, using Em's inspiration and trying out a pouch too or making a book to house them.

Thanks for looking, will be back later tonight to blog the days events :D

Stay safe x

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Speshal dare

This is my first ever attempt at a speshal dare. You can find all of the information about this by clicking on the image below :)

Here it is:~
(It's on 6x6 format)
Phil, my darling. You rock my world!!!

I didn't intend on posting twice in one day LOL I just stumbled across the dare challenge and thought I'd give it a try. I enjoyed attempting something different :)

Back later to round off the day. 'Til then keep warm! I know some of you have/are expecting snow (in the UK) so my advice is keep warm and stay safe. I'm not jealous....*big lie* ok maybe just a tad LOL....

(back after dinner and childrens baths)

Mad as a bag of frogs

I'm back!!!!

First I have a few hellos to make....
Hello Diane, hope this is ok for you LOL :D
Happy birthday to SAM :D
Get well wishes to Mack, hope you're feeling better soon :)


Where have you been I hear you call. Well, the answer is simply nowhere! Just here but I have been sooo busy and sooo poorly too. I think I'm meant to be plagued with viruses for like Ever and a day!
I've missed sitting here sharing my thoughts, so I'm hoping I have plenty to show you. Please blogger - let me publish all of this and more AND my pics this time!
First, the smoking. Oh erm yes I remember making some kind of resolution now *ashamed face*
Well, it didn't last BUT it DID last longer than expected and round two is in progress. I'm actually smoking a lot less by not thinking about it. A kind of mind over matter thing, I think.
Busy, busy, busy. That's what we've been. Decorating the two boys' rooms. Jacks first and what a mammoth task. I started wallpapering at 11am on the Sunday and finished totally by 9pm. Well, It is a fairly large room and I was doing it all alone while Phil 'enertained' the children downstairs. Entertained? Hmm well maybe it was a bit more ' let the children do as they wish' for the day lol. All's well that ends well. Least it was done. And, did I ache? *Groan* The answer my friend is a very big YESSSSS! I think I used muscles that I didn't even know existed. And boy did I pay for not knowing they ever existed. But, my pain was to become even worse when the next day it was time to tackle Daniels room. OK, his room is only 8'x10' but it did add to the pain. This time I started at 10am and was finished before he rolled in off the school bus around 3.30pm. Phew!
In between adding the 'finishing touches', curtain rails, tie backs, borders etc, we still had the usual things to do like cook, eat, sleep (eh what's that?) and scrap of course :D
I know somewhere I have pics of Jack's room, give me five minutes and I'll see if i can dig them out and upload...brb ;)

OK, back now and I think I have a few pics. Here they are: (before and after)

So there you have it. Oh and in case you're thinking 'omg she hasn't done the cupboard door properly' let me share this with you...we're taping off a part and painting with 'chalkboard' paint :)

Next, now let me see hmmm.....*thinking* oh yes...scrapping.
I've scrapped a few times this month already.
One I really enjoyed was Feb week 1 challenge by the Super noodles on UKS

Here's my layout:

I really enjoyed doing this, made me smile :)
Also, browsing UKS I stumbled across this thread all about Emily Falconbridge's 52 week challenge and it looks fab!
You can see my first five weeks attempts over there -----> (ok up a bit, in the right hand column)
Almost done. Was going to share with you some pre-wedding stuff but I guess I'll leave it 'til tomorrow now.
Bye for now.
Take care x