Thursday, 15 February 2007

We did it!!!

I am now Mrs Wickett!!!!
At 12 noon yesterday we tied the knot ;)

I can't begin to tell you in words how it felt and how I'm still feeling, elated would probably be one word but I couldn't sum it up with one word alone ;)
It was THE most AMAZING day ever (apart from the birth of my children of course ;) )

The weather forecast was HEAVY, PROLONGED rain and the sky was dark at 10am but then it was as if like magic the clouds cleared to reveal a gorgeous clear blue sky. The wind died down to little more than a breeze and we could feel the sunshine on our faces. Message to whoever controls the weather: thankyou from the bottom of my heart for a gorgeous, warm day :D

OK, the photos. I only have a few photos that were taken using my camera so I can upload them but I don't have access to the rest just yet, but as soon as I do I'll share them too ;)

Me, and my 3 GORGEOUS sons.
Chris, me, Jack (front) and Philip.

Left to right: Daniel, Rachel, Phil, Chris (front) me, Jack (front) Mum, Philip (front), Sarah and Dad.

Rachel, Me (I'm trying hard not to cry here LOL! ) Phil, and Sarah. Rachel and Sarah - my sisters were our witnesses.

Philip, Me and Chris. This photo of two of my 3 children, and I, was taken at home before we left. My boys look fantastic :D

At home, later afternoon. We came home for an hour for a little break after the meal :D
Note the confetti in my hair LOL!

Anyway, that's all for now, thanks for looking ;)

Take care and be good :D

Bye for now

Anna x (The new MRS WICKETT! )

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

One day to go...

... WOW!

Yes, tomorrow at 12 noon I'll no longer be 'Miss' but will instead be 'Mrs' and wow what an emotional rollercoaster ride it's been so far!
I guess this will be my last posting as a 'single' woman.
I'm all packed and ready to go to my parents house later at about 4pm. I'm taking Jack with me as it'll be fun there for him and will give Phil and Daniel some time together before we officially become one big family :D

My mum and one of my sisters (Rachel) are taking me out tonight, along with my auntie and they've got me an outfit to dress up in. I'm sure I'll live it down. Knowing them it'll be something silly LOL

OK, so here's the mini speech!

I have so many people I want to say hello and thankyou to so if you see your name here please don't fret at the order ;) There's no particular order in fact, just one list of thanks :D

Thankyou's for the gifts:
LYDIAS LOVELIES for the amazing champagne breakfast goodies, totally made my day!
KAREN for the exquisite hand-made pearl and silver necklace which I'm wearing on my wedding day ;)
CLAIRE for the most beautiful hand-made invitations that I've ever seen!
TERESA for the elegant wedding scrapbook AND all of the goodies inside too (loads of pp, vellum and fancy rub-ons)
SAM for the scrapping goodies so I can embellish my pages in my wedding album ;)
JAYNE for the goodies and gorgeous hand-made card :D
JAN for her wonderful advice and dress-making expertise, without your help i'd be getting married naked! LOL!!!
CHRIS who stepped in at the last minute with such wonderful help!
for the gorgeous ribbons. Natalie sent me some GORGEOUS ribbons in the colour theme of my wedding for our album ;)

My family:
MUM and DAD because you're wonderful!
RACH and SARAH for the help and finishing touches. RACHEL for organising the hen night and for doing my hair and make-up. Sarah for keeping peace in the house and baby-sitting Jack (else I wouldn't be going out tonight)
CHRIS, PHILIP, and JACK for being such wonderful, amazing children - I love you all so much! No-one could wish for anything more!
PHIL (my dh-to-be) YOU ROCK MY WORLD! See you tomorrow gorgeous ;)
DANIEL for being the best step-son ever :D
ALI - without you I'd be a nervous wreck. Ali has been there for me through thick and thin. We chat daily and although we're miles apart Ali's been helping me through the plans and just generally being there for ME! What a true friend eh!

Phew, now I'm a blubbering wreck, again!
Silly me, I guess It'll all be over so quickly that I'll read this back and think OMG what was I thinking LOL!

Oh, just before I go I'd like to say a huge THANKYOU to all of my wonderful friends on UKScrappers for just being such wonderful people! I have been getting PMs from people who I've never even spoken to before sending me 'best wishes' it's all been so wonderful!

And lastly, to you all. It's been such a fab experience this blogging malarky :D
And you've all been here reading my ramblings and occassionally leaving comments. You all mean the world to me too *hugs*

Bye for now people, stay safe and spread loads of lurve tomorrow ;)

Happy *early* Valentines day to you all