Thursday, 11 January 2007

I love hats

Random thoughts for today...I love hats!
Polar bears are left handed and coca-cola is actually green.
How are you today? In good health would be a bonus, happy would be fab! :)
What did you have to eat today? I'm trying to watch the food intake since I've given up smoking for obvious reasons but my main reason atm is my impending nuptials on St Valentines day. Now how peeved would i be if I suddenly piled on the pounds only to realise I'm too big for my dress? Wow, that would be terrible and makes me feel ill just thinking about it!
Breakfast - I had a bowl of Fitness with semi-skimmed milk
Lunch - Was this...It's a potato waffle (grilled) two spoons of spag bol with a slither of Stilton on top, accompanied by a cherry pie for!
Here's Jack eating his lunch too :)

He's loving nursery, I know today was only day two but he's definately at the 'ready' stage and he's enjoying it :)
While i'm feeling a little random, here's a few more pics ...
He's my hero, my world, my life and I love him with all of my heart :)

So, what's everyone been up to today? Anything nice? Anything bad (lol)? Let us know :)
OK, that's me for today. Off to (hopefully) scrap those pics of me in my GORGEOUS hat :) (well, I love it anyway :) )

Take care and stay safe x

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Today has been a kind of random day

Look what I made for lunch, yummy LOL

Very fattening probably so I better watch out! Since giving up smoking (yes I'm still at it, and it's day erm.. I have lost count but I think it's about day 3 or I've been really hungry. Or at least that 's what my stomach thinks.

I bought a new hat yesterday. It's a gorgeous green/blue colour and is really comfortable. Here's a pic of me in it. It's a bit of a close up I'm afraid. I took it myself just this lunch time. Apologies for the dreadful appearance of the kitchen walls. Since we moved in, on 25th september there's just been so much to do here, then Christmas came up in the middle of it all! Anyway, here's the pic... Oh, darn. You can hardly see the hat! Oh well, another pic of my ugly mug to scare you with then LOL :)
Last but not least, I'd like to share with you my latest project. I wanted to 'think outside the box' a little and had a layout in mind of the many pics I've got of my son, Jack. Here it is...Right, that's me done for now. Will try and pop back tomorrow. Did I mention that Jack's started nursery full-time now? Well, in case I haven't...he has LOL!He really loves it. Today he made vegetable stew and heard the story of the 'Enormous Turnip'. He told me his version in great detail and i thoroughly enjoyed it. He says he wants to go back tomorrow. Just as well eh :) Bye for now xx

Stay safe xx

Sunday, 7 January 2007

It's 'Q - day' today

'Q - day' is my quit day.
I have decided to quit smoking today. I KNOW it's going to be very hard but I have my trusty NRT patches with me and plenty of will-power so I sincerely hope that I can succeed this time. I'd really like a bit more enthusiasm than I'm currently getting from a few friends and family. The comments of 'oh you'll never manage it, it's just too hard' and 'it won't last, look at the last time you tried' aren't really much help :(
I admit, I have tried several times in the past to quit but have only managed less than a week. I am adopting the motto of 'If at first you don't succeed...' and I'm sure I'll try very hard this time.
So, day 1...

I think the worst thing is thinking about needing/wanting a cigarette. The patches should help a little with the withdrawl symptoms so i just need to try and keep my mind off needing/wanting a cigarette, which shouldn't be too hard for a scrapper. I've got loads of photos that I'd like to scrap, a journal for the 'Yorkiegirl 2007 Journal' (on UKS) to start and a few final plans for our wedding to do. Did I mention my wedding? My wonderful partner and I are getting married on Valentines day this year and I'm filled with so many emotions. The worse ones are subsiding now and JOY and EXCITEMENT are the headers :)
There's still a few things that need doing for the wedding, and I must admit that I'm starting to panic a little that they won't be sorted in time. Thanks to a few WONDERFUL friends (Two off UKS) and one from another forum that I go to/post on) most of the big, important things are all in hand. I will publically thank them all soon (I'm superstitious and don't want to reveal too much before the big day)

See, that wasn't too hard was it (to detract myself from thinking about smoking, and talking about something else)

OK, I better sign off for now and go and get dressed (it's a little after 10am, but it is Sunday so I can be forgiven for not being dressed yet) and get ready for som grocery shopping. Fun eh?! But the kids and DP do need feeding at some point and I feel like 'Old mother Hubbard' today LOL.
I hope whatever you're doing you keep safe xx
Bye for now and please keep your fingers crossed for me.