Sunday, 23 December 2007

Seeing as it's almost upon us I thought I'd take the time to reflect and think of those worse off than ourselves.

I love this video/track. I has to be one of my fave all-time tracks.

Love and hugs to you all x

A x

Friday, 14 December 2007

Almost last day of term...

Look what my little man made for me. Isn't it just so cute?!
My little man aka Jack gave it to me and said 'I made this for you mummy to tell you that I love you' Aww what a heatbreaker *sniff*

So it's Friday. The end of the week and almost the end of the school term. My little man finishes on Tuesday at 1pm so that means an early start for us Tuesday (he goes to afternoon nursery) but I guess we can deal with that.

I've almost finished making the presents for his teacher and two assistants and will upload pics as soon as they are done - if I remember *rolleyes*.

Jack's been away from nursery for almost five weeks as he's been so unwell with a virus and a bacterial infection and although he's now got a cold too he seems to be recovering well and has fitted straight back into nursery which is fantastic. What helps, I guess, is there's only 8 of them including him. Oh, and that reminds me that I need to try ask Jack to sign his friends' cards. So, on that note I will retire to my creative mess once again and bid you farewell until the next instalment and I WON'T make you wait another month lol.

Here's a little christmassy pic just for you...until the next time love and hugs,

Anna x

Friday, 5 October 2007

BREASTS is the word this month

It's BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH this month and the wonderful girls at It's a creative world have come up with a wonderful idea - to scrap your breasts. Why not check out their blog for further details.

I just want to share this very valueable information with you - from Cancer research UK

Check your breasts for signs of breast cancer
If you are a woman, your breasts will change in size and shape at different times in your life and during the menstrual cycle. Knowing what your breasts feel like at different times of the month can help you notice any changes.
Be breast aware
Early detection of breast cancer can save lives.

Follow the five point code:
1 - know what is normal for you
2 - look at and feel your breasts
3 - know what changes to look for
4 - report any changes without delay
5 - go for breast screening if you are 50 or over
Check your breasts in a way that's comfortable for you, perhaps in the bath or shower.
Changes to look out for
It is often women themselves who first notice their breast cancer.

Look for:
* changes in the size, shape or feel of your breasts

*a new lump or thickening in one breast or armpit
* puckering, dimpling or redness of the skin
* changes in the position of the nipple or nipple discharge
* new pain or discomfort that is only on one side.

There may be many reasons for the change other than breast cancer. But report anything unusual to your doctor straight away.

That's all from me for now. all of you reading this that are taking part in the cyber crop on UKScrappers then i wish you all the best of luck.
Happy scrapping!
A xxxx

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Good blogger, bad blogger

OK, ok, ok I know which category I come under but I've been busy. Too busy to blog? I hear you shout but I have this and that and this again to deal with but I'm baaaaack :D

Have you missed me? I've missed you all.

So, where do I start? Eeeek I haven't the foggiest to be honest it's been such a long time that I just want to get stuck in so to speak. I need to promise myself that i'll remember to pop in daily.

First things first. The smoking. Yuk, I can't beleive I was even a smoker once. Needless to say I won't be going back to the cigs. I'm doing great. Days 1-3 hit me hard but after that it was ok, and then plain sailing after day 7 :D I'm so very proud of myself.

What have I been up to recently? Well not a lot to be honest as I've been quite poorly with the M.E again. Still waiting to see a specialist and although I'm suffering apparantly according to the DWP I'm not ill enough for help. What goes around I say...*insert cross face*

I found these cute little wooden bricks in a neat toy shop that specialises in hand made wooden toys. i thought they'd look awesome altered. Hope you like them :)

I have used Love, Elsie papers a random stamp 'original artwork by' and black and a lime green cats eye chalk ink.

OK, that's me for now I best go try get an hour or two sleep. Take care all and I'll try my best to return later today or tomorrow.
Bye for now
Anna xxx

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

I've been tagged - twice!

OK, so I didn't go to UKScrappers and check my mail then. I have been tagged and twice.
Thanks to Jayne and also to Kirsty and sorry I made things a bit confusing lol

I guess that happened because the first time I got tagged I wasn't around to read my mail and didn't manage to get to add the logo. So here goes...

I think I now have to tag 5 other people? Hmmm, I've never done this so I'll just go and give it a try. If I go wrong I'm hoping that someone can tell me and correct me :D

First person I tag is Ali then Jane, Katy, Toni and Louise

Wasn't it a lovely weekend?

Ahh now the rain has finally arrived down here and along with it has come the high winds too. Typical really, we have a lovely week and then this happened but they you can't please all of the people all of the time.
Come to think of it there's always people moaning about something isn't there. The weather's too hot, the weather's too cold, wet etc etc you name it they moan about it. But, isn't it good to have a good moan now and again? I for one think so. Get it off your chest it my motto for today :D I had a moan today myself. Little man and I caught a bus to my parents house and we have to get two buses. At the end of the first bus journey we got off the bus ok and as we saw the second bus had arrived we waited for it to come into the bus stop but it didn't. Instead the bus driver decided he'd sit out in the main road and expect us to alight from there. I told him how I wasn't very impressed being made to walk into a main road and get on a bus with a small child. he just looked at me in a very 'it isn't MY fault' look and I paid and found a seat - still fuming. As the bus driver approcahed a bus up in front he opened his doors and called to the other driver 'hey, next time turn off your indicators if you don't intend to pull out' so, it really wasn't 'my' drivers fault and all I can guess is that he didn't expect us to come out into the road anyway. I sat a little lower down in my seat that I'd usally do so, and when I got off I was met with ignorance as little man and I thanked said driver. Oh well...

We went to the beach again Sunday just gone. The weather wasn't as great as last weekend but at lunch time the air temperature was 18 degrees C and the sea temperature was 17 degrees C so as you can imagine it was lush.
I took many photos as usual and I'd like to share a couple here with you all.

First one of me, of course lol. Just relaxing and enjoying the weather :)

Chris with Jack


Jack looking for something lol

Philip and Jack

Phil snoozing,
and last but not least my lovely castle that I erm...built for the children (yes for the children, I know what you're all thinking...)

Well, that's me for today. I hope to return tomorrow to blog once more, although it'll only be about the weather probably...

Take care,
A xxxxx

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Summer's arrived at last!

Good evening, friends.

So, summer arrived at last! And wasn't it just gorgeous last Sunday? (5th)

I have some pics I'd like to share of our day out at the beach on Sunday. We went to Bantham. Well, there was no way that I was going to be sat indoors on what appeared to be the first day of summer 2007!

This first pic of me (left) was taken while I was just relaxing on the beach after everyone had eaten their lunch :)

The next pics are of Jack just doing his thing,

Daniel making sand castles...

and last but not least my darling husband, Phil xxx

So, that was Sunday. It was a fun day. Very hot - a bit too hot in fact and I have the sunburn to prove that fact! I never, ever have caught the sun so didn't think this time would be any different but I'm still suffering. My fault I guess :P

Now to today, and what a day it's been yet again. Clear blue skies and warm sunshine but this time there was a lovely little breeze.

I took Jack to Mount Edgecumbe (there's some information here, here and here) and we had a lovely day just the two of us. Again I have accompanying pics here goes:

That's the pics of the House and surrounding gardens. Now for the fun pics of Jack and I :)

Well, that's all for now. I hope you've enjoyed looking at my pics of our two days out :)

I will use those photos in future layouts so watch this space.

Actually, I have already scrapped that first photo and it can be seen below and in my gallery on UKScrappers.

That's all from me for now. 'Til the next time Auf Weidersen :)

Anna x

Thursday, 2 August 2007

It's my birthday ( and I'll cry if I want to)

It's my birthday today and as there's still a few minutes left of it (while I'm typing this entry) I thought it best for me to do this now :D
I love birthdays and this has been no different, with each of them being individual in their own way iykwim (if you know what I mean)? Well, I do anyway lol :D
'I'll cry if I want to' referring to the Royal Snail industrial action...and on my birthday too - do they have no shame? :o
So, no cards and no packages (not that I'm greedy it's just that I've been told to be expecting at least one from good friends). Ahh well, I guess that'll be more sweet little stash packages in the coming days :)
I didn't do too much today as numb-skull I was waiting in 'til just before noon for the postie to arrive before I actually decided to check RM website and found out about the strike.
Just went to my parents with Jack (who got wet and muddy before we'd even left the eh lol!
Had some lunch at my parents and went to Asda with my eldest son, Chris.
My sister Sarah gave me a £10 George gift card so i went to buy something.
I'll take some pics soon and show you what I bought and also what presents I got. I was thinking of doing two 'birthday blog entries' seeing as Royal Snail managed to interfere!

Here's a pic of me in a top bought for me by my wonderful hubby, Phil. Photo taken by my uncle Barry (who incidentally used to be my hubby's boss when they both worked together many years's definately a small world!)

I love this cute top, it's so flowery and pink and pretty :D thanks Phil my love :D

Thankyou to everyone who's PM'd or left me messages on the UKS forum, those who've emailed me, those who've IM'd me (MSN), text me and phoned me today with 'Happy birthday' wishes.

Extra-special thanks to my dear friends Jane and Ali, Tree, Heather, My kids, my parents and my dear husband Phillip, and last but by no means least a special THANK YOU to the ladies of the 'stopping smoking' thread on UKS. This has been my first ever smoke free birthday :D Thanks for your continued support xx

Will do a birthday blog post#2 tomorrow :D Bye bye for now and stay safe xx

Much love,


Saturday, 28 July 2007

Learning new things on Random Day

(Please click on my photos to make them grow lol)

Why is it sooo hard to learn how to use PSP?
I have Paint Shop Pro 9 but have zilcho knowledge of how to use it. Oh how I knew what to do! Just take a look at my 'very' pants header...I could only manage this in PAINT! Yes, you heard me correctly I did say paint *blush*
Ahh well it's the trying that's the main part - isn't it?
I'm sure I have a techno-geek friend tucked away somewhere :D
Actually, I was awake 'til 3am this morning reading posts from an online forum that I've joined. The forum teaches people PSP 'stuff' so that's got to be a good one for me :D
I'd like to share with you the Day that Jack and I shared yesterday. It was fun-filled, a little wet, but most of all FUN! :D
First off we began the day making biscuits. I'm in a CJ (one of three) on UKS and the theme this time is 'tried and tested recipes' so I thought better get my skates on and try something out :)

Rolling, Cutting,

Post oven Melting the chocolate

The finale.

They turned out a treat, and we loved them. Jack said he wanted to call them rainbow biscuits so that's what they are now called :D Bless
Next was to be an adventure. Once the excitement of baking the biscuits was over we had lunch then decided to go out. It was drizzling hard but we weren't going to let that beat us.
We donned our coats and 'old' footwear and head off for the park. Devonport park is a wonderful place. With scenery and nature and lots for everyone to do we're so lucky to have it on our door-step.
First was a bark rubbing. he loved doing this. I have, of course, kept the rubbing and will use it somewhere on a future layout.
I told Jack that we would make a special kind of book of all the fun things we've done during the summer hols. If you have children and are stuck for things to do when the weather takes it's toll then why not do one for yourselves?
Hey, why not make one even if you're got no kids at all? LOL!
After the rubbing I took a few random shots of Jack doing 'nothing at all' and just studied him for a while. He's such a gorgeous young chap with a wonderful nature. I love him dearly.
Here's a few random shots of Jack...
I love these :D

I am sooo gonna use this pic in a layout and title it 'Homeward Bound' LOL!

Finally, I took a few shots of plants and flowers but my fave two are these:

I know this first one needs rotating but I took the shot like this and I really like it the way it is :D

And this one, a climber according to my good friend J :)

OK, that was yesterday.
Today was pretty much uneventful. Jack and I went to my parents house and he played for a few hours then Daddy came to pick us up after work and we came home.
I'm off to try and learn a bit more (my oh my I need to, and quick lol) in PSP. Wish me luck please. Oh, and if on your tavels you manage to find 'an idiots guide to PSP' please let me know. Many thanks.
Sleep well, love and hugs,
Anna xxx

P.S I've been a non-smoker for 28 days now and I'm still going strong :D