Saturday, 6 January 2007

Another day

I know what you're thinking...that I broke my resolution already (the one relating to me keeping my blog up to date, and regularly yes?) Well, no. My pc decided to totally die on me and a total restore was the only possible solution. Pants, I know, but the only thing I could do. Now that's one lesson learnt by me - always back up files, especially those all important photos. I've lost just over 800 photos! All from when I started scrapping (december 2005) until now. Oh well, a lesson learnt eh.

Only 38 days left until my Valentines day wedding to my wonderfull Phil. I don't know how many of you out there who are reading this now have been married but isn't it a little scary? I'm feeling a whole host of emotions right now and it feels so strange. I've been reassured that it's a normal group of emotions, I guess only time will tell.

OK, that's me done for now. There's several hungry mouths to feed and all wanting it NOW!
Bye for now, will be back tomorrow :)

Stay safe xx

Monday, 1 January 2007

January 1, 2007 part deux

It's now the evening and today's been as bizarre for me as yesterday was. I woke up feeling really weird. I don't think it was a hangover - not that I actually remember what they feel like - as I don't drink often at all. My chest felt really tight so a 10 minute blast on my nebuliser did the trick, well for a few hours anyway. I stayed resting in bed until early afternoon and felt better. Maybe it was the rest that did me good, or the fact that the noise going on downstairs was for a reason. The familiar sound of the vacuum cleaner meant that Phil (my wonderful other half) was busy cleaning away from 'the night before' and the children were helping..yes!
It was lovely walking through the door to a clean and tidy room. Although with these two here I knew it wouldn't last, it never does... lol!

Not much else happened here today. Apart from the very freak mini-storm we had. Sat here minding our business one minute then all of a sudden there's a very bright flash followed immediately by the most enormous bang I've ever heard, followed in rapid succession to more of the same. It was hailing HUGE balls of ice outside. In 10 minutes we recorded 6cm of rain falling. Sad? Well it kept the children quiet.

The funniest thing we saw was out in the park behind our house. The hail was falling down the slide and gathering at the bottom in a heap. Here's a couple photos, not sure if they come out ok or not.

Happy New Year - 2007

January 1, 2007

Well, I've been trying to start a blog for a while now and I always seem to trail off after a few posts so my new year resolution to myself is to keep this blog up and running and current in detail. Let's see how I get on.
The beginning to the end of 2006 has been an altogether rather bizarre event. Firstly several of our electrical appliances gave up the ghost (fab eh!). Why is it this happens in 3's? Or am I just being superstitious?
Then I cut myself with a very sharp knife while preparing a late lunch. That made me physically sick and rather faint so I went for a lie-down. I couldn't rest much as I was worrying that I'd miss the big nights' celebrations. We weren't planning to do much this new years' eve. It was our first in our new home, plus Jack's only 3 and wouldn't have really managed to stay awake 'til much after 10pm so the decision to stay home was really made on that basis.

Jack - 11:40pm, 31 December 2006.
I took this pic as I really didn't want to wake Jack as the new year rang in. He's still a little frightened of fireworks if he can't see where they're coming from.
Anyway, apart from playing 'Deal or no deal' on dvd game and watching a little tv our night was a quiet one.
As for my finger? Well the bleeding stopped a short while after and any pain was drowned out thanks to several bottles of Smirnoff Ice, purely medicinal of course.
Here's a glimpse of the said Just look at the expression on my face, don't you feel a teency bit sorry for me?

That's all for now. Just want to say a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all xx
May 2007 be a fun and prosperous year :)