Saturday, 7 July 2007

It's Saturday!!!!!

Before I get started I really HAVE to show you all this absolutely cute little purse that my friend Heather (heatherblossom on UKS) made me. She's such a wonderful lady - BIG thanks Heather it's delish!!!!

And how the sun is shining for a change :D I thought today was going to be the same as the others but alas the sun is shining and the washing is out drying - yay!
Hubby is at work - again so it's just the little man and I (stepson is at his mums. It's our fortnight 'respite' for one night) and we're playing on going out to nannys again.
Thanks to everyone who sent me kind messages about my mum. She's recovering well so that's fantastic.
Apparaently I've been tagged so I have to do 7 things about me (this is very silly and I really shouldn't allow myself to get caught up in such nonsense!)
So here goes:
(1) I was born on a military base in Malta. I always wanted to be in the Army when I was small (I never fulfilled that)
(2) My favourite films include Dirty Dancing, Grease and Top Gun.
(3) My favourite all-time book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar LOL!
(4) My favourite colour is purple
(5) I have a phobia of spiders and dogs.
(6) I am allergic to tree, grass and flower pollen, dust, smoke, pets and tomatoes!
(7) I can do this thing where I can bend my arm backwards on itself and make people cringe with it. I am not sure what it's called (different to double jointed apparently but if anyone knows the correct name I'd be grateful if you would share with me :D )
So, that was easy but nothing exciting for you so I guess it's back to the normality of life...whatever that is.
Anyway, in my last post I told you all I have started crocheting and here's the promised pictures :D

Pic one

Pic 2

I have news!!!!

I stopped smoking again!!!!!
I am on day 7, 1 hour and 26 minutes as I type this!
I failed miserably last time but I will succeed this time! It WILL NOT beat me :D
I feel pants at the mo though, but apparently it's to be expected. I have the whole nasal thing going on. And with the weather changing the pollen is now affecting me too. I'm itching, sneezing, coughing and wheezing but I'm confident it will go away soon. Oooh, imagine if I had that for life...yuk!
It's been kind of hard with a hubby who smokes heavily, but I'm strong and I can do it :)

I can't exactly remember where I read this but apparently cravings last for a maximum of three minutes each time. In the first few days when I had a crave I thought of something nice and timed myself to 3.5 minutes. It was all over before I knew it. I'm pretty sure that cravings in my case are all psychological as I'm on Champix pills. These act by blocking the nicotine receptors in the brain. One of the side effects is they make cigarettes taste awful after a few days. of course they do suggest that you don't smoke while taking them but if you do you soon regret it. I think that's the perfect side-effect!
Anyway, day 7 now and there's no going back. Saying that though, this is about the time I fail miserably and go back to being a smoker and falling back into the same old routine. I just need a little support and I know I'll manage to kick the nasty habit once and for all.

I've started crocheting - I'll add a little pic here tomorrow at some point when it's daylight and will update regularly so you can all see it's 'growth'. I've started off with purple - my fave colour and I'm now on grey lol!
My dear mother taught me - but it was more a case of "you're not leaving 'til you've managed to 'get it' "LOL! I love you Mum x

And on another subject, I'm looking for a new scrapbook. I love scrapping in 11"x8.5" now so I'm keeping my eyes opened for a good bargain. I've been using the Papermania ones as I really like the price and the quality. I currently have a lilac one so I might stick to the same colour and have them as a set or buy a diferent colour. What do YOU think?
I have found these PM ones here on Artbase ,so I might have another think about it tonight before spending :)
I have also found two rather cheaper ones by SEI and they are here and here and finally here on the lovely Just a Memory website. At under £8 I think they are fantastic :D

Anyway, it's almost 2am (BST) so i think I better head off up the wooden hill now. catch you all soon x

Take care of yourselves xxxx

Anna x
Extra xxx's for all of those who are trying to give up smoking/have given up smoking.
Keep at it! Together we'll do it!