Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Pirate party pictures and exciting news!

Ahoy land-lubbers!

Today I was a helper at my son's nursery party. It's was great and the weather was fantastic. I have a few pictures that I'd like to share with you :D Just one tip to those of you thinking of partaking in dressing up in the hot sunshine - have a good think first LOL! I was baking by the time we got home and I had a little nap too!
Captain Jack! No messing with this pirate and his hook. He looks mean LOL!!!!

Mummy pirate

Two pirates at sea!
By 3.30pm it was all too much for this pirate (aawww)

Well, as you can see we had a fab time. I have many mor ephotos but as they're showing other children I'm going to edit them all first then I'll show another time. I do intend on doing a few fab layouts and a mini-book or two of the day.

Exciting news now...
Don't get excited though as it's of NO benefit to anyone other than myself, my husband, Jack, and Daniel.
I'm sure I've previously mentioned somewhere down the road that I've NEVER ever had a holiday? Hmm well if you're saying 'no' then don't worry becuase I've just done so :P
Phil and I have worked out a few things and have decided that we CAN go on a holiday next year and OMGosh am I excited or what :o
We're going for FOURTEEN whole nights in April next year to a holiday park on the Isle of Sheppey. I'm so excited *yaaaay*. April is Daniels birthday so I think a trip to the London Dungeons will be planned too. If any of you have any suggestions (clean please, this is a family show lol!) where we can take a 14 year old and a 4 year old (they will be by then) then please email me or leave me your comment/suggestions here please :D Thanks in advance.

Well, that's all for me. I've been suffering in pain for a few days thanks to one very active three year old! Jack decided while I lay in bed that he wanted to re-enact something that he'd obviously seen on a wrestling show (I personally have no idea where he must have seen it though as we don't watch that c&^%p here!) He climbed up on my headboard (it's against the wall o he managed to climb on it) and launced himself onto me from it. OUCH!
Anyway, I'm just going to have to suffer. Everytime i go to my GP with an ache or a pain or whatever he just uses the same old phrase of...'it's probably just the M.E so there's going to be nothing that we can do' Grrrrr! I'm aching from the right-hand side of my neck down to my finger tips. Oh well, pain killers and massage again for me.

Night everyone, take care lovelies xxx
Anna x

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Presents, Pirates and other stories

Here we are again. Another end to another fun filled, action packed day. Ok, so I made that bit up but it sounded good the first time round...

I was going to start each new entry with 'Dear Jane' remember I said last time? my dear friend Jane saw my comment and said she'd kick my ass if I did. I wonder what the poor animal did to warrant an assault so I've decided to change my post...

(OK, OK, so it's not funny but while I was preparing it made me laugh *chortle* )

Presents...aah yes those. They seem a distant memory now. I finished the last one this morning, and made four 'thank you' cards to accompany them. I was just so rushed off my feet this morning that I didn't take a photo of the cards but I did manage to take one of the final altered clipboard just so I could share it with you all. (Remember if you click on the images they will enlarge)
So, here it is:
and here are a few close-ups too:

and finally

Although they all took a while to make I really did enjoy doing them and I am already looking forward to the Christmas break when I'm going to do maze books for them all :D

Pirates...tomorrow is 'Pirate party' at my son's nursery and parents have been invited (hmm more like made to go LOL!) I have our costumes all ready and I'm looking forward to it. Watch out tomorrow for the photographic evidence (so long as I remember to buy batteries before hand!)

Other stories...well I heard something that made me smile today and wondered if you had too? Just try and remember. It could be anything. Even if it wasn't directed towards you. yes, you know what I mean. Have you ever been somewhere - let's say on a bus and someone else is having a conversation and someone else says something that makes you laugh? Then you realise you're actually eves-dropping? LOL!
My 'thing-that-made-me-smile' today was when my three-year old son Jack saw me wrapping up his teachers' presents and he said 'Mummy, my teachers are going to love you. Those presents are really nice' It made me smile and I also felt a little proud too. Go on, share with me your smile of the day? :)

OK, it's been another long one so I'm going to settle down now, ready for my trek up that ol' wooden hill....
Until tomorrow, goodnight and take care *hugs*
Anna x

P.S Q= Why are pirates called pirates?
A= Because they Aaaarrrrrr! LOL!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Fake week, the weather, and super heroes

Are there any Big Brother watchers here? Did you watch BB on Friday night? OMG! Fake week? Fixed week more like! Oooh don't get me started on that one. I will say though that it's been fun watching the 'inmates' doing absolutely hilarious fake tasks etc...It's probably been the only time in the last few weeks that I've sat and laughed so much at something I've never even been remotely interested in LOL!
Anyway, I have to say that I have an announcement to make. A while ago I tried to give up smoking and it lasted err....a few days I think LOL!
This time it's been (almost - when midnight comes) 16 days and I am so very proud of myself.
I haven't fallen off the wagon once and while it's been hard I have stuck to it this time. I have kept my old tobacco tin full with papers, menthol filters and of course tobacco with me at all times. Every other time that I've tried to give up smoking I've thrown away cigarettes, lighters and even ashtrays but after a few days I always went to the shop and bought more. This time I kept it on me because only I could give up if I really wanted. There was no temptation to pop along to the shops because I already had the things with me. Just because I can, I'm giving myself a huge pat on the back and I invite you to do so too :D

And now to the weather...YUK! What is going on there?
Ok, so you're probably fed up with people moaning about it so I'm not going to be one of those. I've actually come to expect the rain now and actually look confused if I open the curtains and it's NOT raining. well, I mean it is the middle of summer after all....

Jane, if you're reading (and I know at some point you will be) I'm thinking of starting each entry 'dear Jane' because I'm sure you're the only one even remotely interested in my waffling...I guess you'd say 'hey Anna, that's what friends are for'... which reminds me I must go and check out your blog again...I have a link on the right hand side if anyone wants to accompany me to Jane's blog. or simply click here.

Just a run-down on todays events next then:
Woke up to phone call from sister-in-law. Her darling son (aged 21!) had got himself into a predicament namely being invited to a party by some girls (with his friends) and obviously this invitation was too good to resist. At some point during the night he became 'detatched' from his friends and found himself lost and over 7 miles from home, at 3am! Cue the phone call and plea for Uncle Phillip to come to the rescue. Sometimes I think my hubby should start to wear his pants on the outside of his trousers and get changed inside telephone boxes! (From this day forth my hubby shall now be known as Superman)
Next was on to my parents house - much to superman's annoyance. He (tried to) argued that whenever I say we're going to my parents house for an hour it soon turns into several hours and that he gets bored. We went. we arrived at 11am, and left at 3.30pm! OK so superman was close (note to all self respecting women...never say 'right' LOL!) but am I supposed to cram in a few days of chat into an hour? Hmm thought you'd agree with me ;)

Next we came home. I have OCD (which I had been having therapy for but thought I was ok now) and part of that is my absolute NEED to re-arrange furniture on a regular basis. Todays particular urgent need was the whole house bar Daniels' bedroom (only because I'm not brave enough to enter to temple of doom) and the kitchen (only because it's about 1' square or there abouts LOL!) So we have been busy. Yes, I said 'we have'. I'm surely not suppoed to do all the heavy lifting myself? What else are super humans for if not to help out a little? ;)

OK, tongue removed from cheek now. I've got jaw ache from chewing on these Skittles. (sweets, and not another oddity of mine LOL!)
Time to go. I'm logged into msn and my little orange lights are flashing like mad. Don't want my friends to think I'm ignoring them.
Take care everyone (although I'm sure you're the only one that reads these entries Jane)
Anna x